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Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu Appointed as Honorary Counselor and Advisor at Global Nation Open University

In a significant development for Global Nation Open University (GNOU), Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu has been appointed as the Honorary Counselor and Advisor. This prestigious role reflects her distinguished career and contributions to the field of education and global academia.

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position.  She is poised to make substantial contributions to GNOU’s mission of providing quality education and fostering international collaboration.

In her role as Honorary Counselor and Advisor, Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu will play a pivotal role in guiding strategic initiatives, offering counsel on academic matters, and leveraging her network to enhance GNOU’s global presence. Her appointment underscores GNOU’s commitment to excellence and innovation in higher education.

Speaking about her new role, Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to GNOU’s vision of empowering learners worldwide. She highlighted the importance of education in driving positive change and emphasized GNOU’s role in shaping future leaders.

GNOU, known for its dedication to accessible and inclusive education, continues to expand its reach and impact under the leadership of distinguished professionals like Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu. Her appointment marks a significant milestone in GNOU’s journey towards academic excellence and global engagement.

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