Our international students actively participate in a wide array of academic and extracurricular activities, primarily facilitated through our robust distance E-learning system.

Global Nation Open University I Management Committee

The dedication and commitment of the management committee members, advisors, and representatives involved in the development of online education at universities cannot be overstated. Their hard work and vision are shaping the future of education, especially in the context of institutions like GNOU (Guru Nanak Open University). As they pave the way for innovative and accessible learning experiences, they also welcome new representatives who aspire to make a significant impact and create history in the realm of online education.

The individuals serving on the management committee and as advisors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their collective efforts are geared towards enhancing the quality of online education, ensuring its relevance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, and expanding its reach to a wider audience. Through strategic planning, implementation of advanced technologies, and continuous improvement initiatives, they are setting new standards of excellence in online learning.

Furthermore, the representatives involved in this endeavor are integral to its success. Their enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and determination to make a difference drive the momentum of progress. As they collaborate with established members and contribute their ideas, they enrich the discourse surrounding online education and inject new energy into the ongoing development efforts.

The forthcoming addition of a high-merit representative signals a commitment to excellence and innovation. This individual, poised to make history in the field of online education, brings with them a passion for transformative learning experiences and a vision for pushing boundaries. Their contributions will undoubtedly inspire others and set benchmarks for future advancements in online education.

Overall, the collective efforts of all stakeholders involved in university online education development, including the management committee members, advisors, existing representatives, and the upcoming high-merit representative, underscore a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and creating a lasting impact in the field of online learning. Their dedication paves the way for a brighter future where education is not just accessible but also transformative and empowering for learners worldwide.

Management Committee

Prof. Dr. Alen Pich, PhD

Prof. Dr. Alen Pich, PhD is the president/founder of the GNOU

Mail: info.gnou@gmail.com

Prof. Harper gaver

Prof. Harper gaver is the Co-president/founder of the GNOU

Mail: globalnationopenuniversity@gmail.com

Dr. Ambassador Gafar Taliat Ola

Dr. Ambassador Gafar Taliat Ola, media Diplomat & All Nigerian Integrity Ambassador Campaign General office, South West Nigeria oshogbo osun state Nigeria. International Advisor of Global Nation Open University GNOU.& Nigeria Vogue Media Professional Journalism Training institute oshogbo osun state & Nigeria Vogue Media News, back of ilesa garage oshogbo osun state

WhatsApp/Call Number : +2348034224654

Prof. Dr. Olu Mike Omoasegun

Prof. Dr. Olu Mike Omoasegun of Jefferson City, Missouri, USA, is the president and international advisor of GNOU.

Prof. Dr. Gopal Krishna Mishra

Prof. Dr. Gopal Krishna Mishra is the president and international advisor of GNOU.

Phone: +919462769594
Mail: gmishra957@gmail.com

Alisha Begum

Alisha Begum of Kolkata, WB. (Indian Advisor of GNOU)

Contact Details:
Phone: +91 9051603133
Email: alish.luv7@gmail.com

Hon.Prof.Dr.Saurabh Pandey

Hon.Prof.Dr.Saurabh Pandey of Gorakhpur, U.P, India, is the Vice president and international advisor of GNOU.

Prof. Dr. Dipti R. Bhadoriya

Prof. Dr. Dipti R. Bhadoriya is the President/Registrar and international advisor of GNOU.