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HMK CEO and Chairman, Sir Dr. Isaac Adeshiyan Opeyemi, Awarded Honorary Doctorate by Global Nation Open University

In a remarkable and prestigious ceremony held at Fingerlicking VIP Hall in Oshogbo, Osun State, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of HMK Royal Mall & Kitchen Ltd, Sir Dr. Ambassador Isaac Adeshiyan Opeyemi, was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and International Diplomacy by Global Nation Open University (GNOU). The event, organized by the university’s Senate Governing Council Convocation, marked a significant milestone in recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of this young, intelligent, and ethical industrialist.

A Recognition of Excellence:

The conferral of a Doctor of Business Administration and International Diplomacy upon Sir Dr. Isaac Adeshiyan Opeyemi reflects not only his personal achievements but also the acknowledgment of his exceptional leadership in the business world. As the CEO of HMK Royal Mall and a distinguished FIFA international accredited agency in Nigeria, Sir Dr. Opeyemi has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and ethical business practices.

The Ceremony Details:

The convocation ceremony took place in Nigeria’s South West, specifically in Oshogbo, Osun State, where family, friends, colleagues, and dignitaries gathered to witness this momentous occasion. The official presentation of the honorary doctorate was conducted by the university’s International Advisor in Nigeria, Dr. Ambassador Gafar Taliat Ola, and All Nigerian Integrity Ambassador Campaign.

Words of Wisdom and Inspiration:

During his official lecture and speech at the GNOU doctorate conferment ceremony, Dr. Ambassador Sir Isaac Adeshiyan Opeyemi shared valuable insights and advice for Nigerian youths. He encouraged them to embrace entrepreneurship and pursue their destinies with determination, highlighting the importance of practical knowledge in achieving success. Dr. Opeyemi’s words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the significance of tapping into one’s potential rather than relying solely on traditional educational paths.

Acknowledgment and Appreciation:

Expressing gratitude, Dr. Opeyemi applauded the Governing Council of Global Nation Open University for its commitment to thorough investigation and recognizing worthy candidates for such an esteemed honor. He acknowledged the university’s role in contributing to his exceptional educational journey and expressed hope for the continued success and global recognition of GNOU.

A Call to Action:

In his speech, Dr. Opeyemi called on fellow recipients and invited guests not to rest on their laurels, emphasizing that Nigeria is a blessed country with immense talent. He highlighted the diverse impact of talents showcased during the ceremony, emphasizing the need for continuous efforts in contributing to the nation’s growth and development.


The conferment of an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and International Diplomacy upon Sir Dr. Isaac Adeshiyan Opeyemi by Global Nation Open University stands as a testament to his exceptional achievements and contributions. This recognition not only celebrates an individual but also serves as an inspiration for the Nigerian youth to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress. As Sir Dr. Opeyemi continues to lead with integrity and excellence, the ceremony marks a significant chapter in his journey towards making a lasting impact on the business and diplomatic fronts.

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