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Global Nation Open University Honors HRM King Dr. Ambassador Mutalib Adelakin with Prestigious Doctorate in Local Government Chieftaincy Matters and International Diplomacy”

In a momentous ceremony held on the 17th of February 2024, Global Nation Open University (GNOU) International conferred the esteemed title of “Doctor of Local Government Chieftaincy Matters & International Diplomacy” upon His Royal Majesty, King Dr. Ambassador Mutalib Adelakin, the Alabere of Abeere City in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria. The event took place within the opulent walls of the Alabere’s executive Palace Chamber, where the monarch was bestowed with an honorary doctorate degree (honoris causa).

Recognition of Excellence:

The Honorary Doctorate was presented by Prof. Dr. Amb Gafar Taliat Ola, the International Advisor of Global Nation Open University in Nigeria and Africa. Prof. Ola, a Chartered Fellow Member of the Global Nation Open University Senate Governing Council, is also renowned as an international media diplomat and the All Nigerian Integrity Ambassador Campaign General.

The ceremony was attended by a distinguished gathering of hundreds of top dignitaries, VIPs, queens, and technocrats from both within and outside the state, marking it as a historic occasion for the Alabere of Abeere City.

King Dr. Mutalib Adelakin’s Accomplishments:

The conferred doctorate serves as a recognition of King Dr. Mutalib Adelakin’s exceptional contributions to his community and the broader Nigerian society. His Royal Majesty has been a beacon of integrity, actively promoting investments and fostering peaceful coexistence in Abeere City. Notably, the king has been a fervent advocate for unity, transcending religious and tribal boundaries, and ensuring that his society thrives on inclusivity.

The Alabere has played a pivotal role in curbing political hooliganism among youths, showcasing his commitment to the development and well-being of the younger generation. His efforts have not only contributed to the stability of his region but have also set an example for leadership that prioritizes inclusiveness, peace, and prosperity.

A Model of Credibility:

The honorary doctorate bestowed upon King Dr. Ambassador Mutalib Adelakin by Global Nation Open University reflects not only the monarch’s personal achievements but also his dedication to advancing the principles of local governance, international diplomacy, and integrity-driven leadership.


In honoring His Royal Majesty with this prestigious title, Global Nation Open University acknowledges and celebrates the outstanding achievements of King Dr. Ambassador Mutalib Adelakin in the realms of local governance, international diplomacy, and his unwavering commitment to fostering a harmonious and prosperous society. The recognition serves as a testament to the Alabere’s exemplary leadership and his invaluable contributions to the development of Osun State and Nigeria as a whole. Congratulations to the Alabere of Abeere Kingdom, the heart of Edeland, Osun State, South West Nigeria, on this well-deserved honor.

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